March 5, 2019

The Benefits of Mountaineering, You Must Know(II)

Improving human balance

Rugged mountain roads are beneficial to improve the balance function of human body and enhance the coordination ability of limbs. Especially when walking on non-step roads without artificial modification, human muscle fibers can be thickened, check here muscles developed and limb flexibility can be enhanced.


Improving the Metabolic Function of Human Body

People’s daily carbohydrate metabolism belongs to aerobic metabolism.check here

Mountaineering activities, especially mountain climbing, are characterized by the lack of air and anaerobic metabolism in most of the body. In addition, mountaineering and camping activities have a large amount of exercise, and mountain picnics are often difficult to meet the body’s calorie demand. Therefore, it can consume a large number of adipose tissue accumulated in the body, especially in the waist and abdomen.


Mountain climbing strengthens muscles and bones

The effect of mountain climbing on muscles and bones. check here Scientists have found that after mountain climbing exercise, the number of red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood increases to 5-6 million, and 8.17 million per cubic millimeter in one or two weeks after downhill. Owing to the increase of oxygen transport tools, it greatly improves the aerobic working ability of the human body, promotes muscle protein synthesis, and makes muscles strong and tough.

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