November 12, 2018

About On-line Marketing

On-line marketing, based on the modern marketing, is a commercial that with the help of Internet, communication and figure media technology to realize the marketing target. It is facilitated for science and technology progressing, consumer value changes and marketing competition. On-line marketing has broad and narrow meanings according to its implementation. Broadly defined on-line marketing refers to enterprises using all computer networks for marketing activities, while narrow marketing refers to international Internet marketing.

On-line marketing can be defined as: network marketing is based on the Internet and social network to connect enterprises, users and the public, to deliver valuable information and services to users and the public, including the planning, implementation and operation management activities for achieving customer value and marketing objectives. Internet marketing is not online sales, and not equal to website promotion. Internet marketing is a means rather than an end. It is not limited to online, nor is it equal to e-commerce. It does not exist in isolation and cannot exist from the general marketing environment. It should be regarded as The application and development of traditional marketing theory in the Internet environment.

Compare with the traditional internet marketing, on-line marketing has some new definitions.

  • Reflect the ecological thinking. On-line marketing is based on the internet technology, but it connect not only computers and smart equipment, the more importance is to connect the relationship of enterprises, consumers and the public. The connection is the basic of on-line marketing.
  • It highlights the core position of people in on-line marketing: the social network established through the Internet, people are the core of network marketing, all things should be human-oriented, not network technology, equipment, programs or web content.

(3)Emphasis on the customer value of network marketing: creating value for customers is the starting point and goal of network marketing. Network marketing is a value-related network with customers as the core.

(4)Continuing the systematic nature of network marketing activities: The systematic nature of network marketing is one of the basic principles that have been tested through long-term practice. The content of network marketing includes planning, implementation and operation management, not just a certain method or a certain application of the platform, only the operation mode of the trees without the forest is a one-sided understanding of network marketing.

On-line marketing is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of the enterprise. On-line marketing activities cannot exist independently from the general marketing environment. In many cases, the network marketing theory is the application and development of traditional marketing theory in the Internet environment. Online marketing is not equal to online sales. It is an activity for the purpose of finally achieving product sales and enhancing brand image. Online sales are the result of the development of network marketing to a certain stage, but this is not the result, so network marketing itself does not equal online sale. Online marketing is the deep exposure of a product or brand.

To have a good marketing is the key for enterprise or personal to achieve succeed.

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