January 9, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Changes The World(I)

Nowadays, AI (Artificial Intelligence) changes the world. Along with social development and human’s progress, it mainly depends on artificial intelligence. From shopping to restaurants, from offices to factories, from adoption of Vehicles and home appliances, everything shows Artificial intelligence’s importance. Well, from now on, let us have a read about AI involved in some new domains as my post below,Click Here For More.

New schemes teach the masses to build AI

Over the past five years, AI researchers have become rock stars in science and technology. A branch of artificial intelligence, called in-depth learning, has proved so useful that skilled practitioners can ask for six-digit salaries to build software for Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google by using neural networks to move back and forth between large amounts of data to find patterns. The standard way to get into these jobs is a doctorate in computer science from an elite university in the United States.Click Here For More.

Sara Hooker graduated from fast.AI in her first year. After completing her course, she was hired to work on Google’s highly competitive AI residential project, which she had never studied in depth before. She is now a founding member of Google’s new office of AI research in Accra, Ghana, the company’s first in Africa.Click Here For More.

Fast. AI is not the only alternative to Artificial Intelligence. AI4ALL, another non-profit company, is committed to bringing AI education to students in the United States who would not have had the opportunity to receive AI education.


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