September 13, 2018

Automobile Performance

More and more people are buying cars recently years, various brands of cars are coming to people’s visions, so automobile performance is becoming an especially important factor.

The performance indicators commonly used to evaluate automobiles are: dynamic property, fuel economy, braking, handling stability, and passing performance. It is a structural characterization that determines the efficiency and convenience of vehicle utilization.

  1. Dynamic property

The dynamic property of a car is expressed by the average speed that a car can achieve when traveling straight on a good road. The vehicle’s power is mainly evaluated by three indicators: the maximum speed; the acceleration time of the car and the maximum slope that the car can climb.

  1. Fuel economy

The fuel economy of a car is usually measured by the amount of fuel consumed when the car runs 100km or the amount of fuel that enable to drive a car under certain conditions. In China and Europe, the smaller the numerical value, the more fuel-efficient the car will be. In the United States is on the contrary.

  1. Handling stability

The handling stability of the car means that the driver can drive in the direction through the steering system without feeling nervous or tired, and the ability of the car to resist the disturbance and maintain stable driving when encountering external interference. During the processing of automobile production, there are some precision steel vehicle parts, we should choose the high quality parts for driver’s safety, and the biggest B2B platform for steel is SinoSources in China. The high quality of every parts casting the high quality of automobiles.

  1. Braking performance

The ability to park in a short distance while the car is running and to maintain a stable driving direction, as well as the ability of the car to maintain a certain speed when going downhill, is called braking performance of a car.

  1. Passing performance

Passing performance refers to the ability of a car go through different road state. Driving a high passing performance car, you can easily climb over a steep slope, you can safely drive into a river of a certain depth, or you can drive at a high speed on a rugged mountain road. In a word, it can make you more likely than other vehicles to go where you want to go and experience the feeling of conquering nature.

According this passage, we can have a basic understanding of automobile performance to let us make a better selection when we buy a car.

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