January 24, 2019

Beautiful Pulau Redang(I)

Whether someone will remember the Hong Kong movie “Ha yat dik mo mo cha”? Click Here For More. Yes, as the actor and actress separately are Richie Jen and Sammi Cheng in this movie, and it was filmed on Pulau Redang. Well, if you plan to know about Redang but you have no chance to arrive there, please read my post and bring you into beautiful Pulau Redang.Click Here For More.

Introduction About Redang

Pulau Redang is located 45 kilometers off the coast of Negeri Terengganu, Malaysia, not far from West Malaysia. Redang is located on the northeastern coast of Negeri Terengganu, Malaysia, it is recognized as one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia and a famous tourist attraction. Click Here For More. There are many resorts built in Relang Island for visitors to live in. In 2000, the famous movie “Ha yat dik mo mo cha” was filmed on this island.

Pulau Redang has been listed as a Marine Park Reserve by the Malaysian government. No one is allowed to fish or take seabed coral shellfish in 23 nautical miles. However, diving and seabed photography are encouraged. They can also swim, glide, dive, chase waves, or explore secrets in the island’s tropical rainforest.Click Here For More.

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