November 28, 2018

American Advertisers Spend the Most Amount of Money on Digital Media(I)

The rapid development of digital technology has led to an increasing demand for advertising users, which has produced fundamental and important changes in advertising goals. These changes have prompted advertisers to adjust their strategies and reshape them to meet the new challenges of the advertising ecosystem. According to the latest IAB Internet advertising revenue report […]

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November 12, 2018

About On-line Marketing

On-line marketing, based on the modern marketing, is a commercial that with the help of Internet, communication and figure media technology to realize the marketing target. It is facilitated for science and technology progressing, consumer value changes and marketing competition. On-line marketing has broad and narrow meanings according to its implementation. Broadly defined on-line marketing […]

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October 27, 2018

You Probably Don’t Know about Advertising(I)

Advertise, just as its name implies, is to show the public something. Advertising has broad and narrow meanings. Generalized advertising refers to advertising that is not for profit, such as government announcements, notices and statements of political parties, religions, education, culture, municipalities, and social groups. Narrowly defined advertising refers to a for-profit advertisement, usually referred […]

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