January 4, 2019

Visit to Vatican Museums(I)

Vatican Museums is also the famous building in Rome, Italy. Annually, there are numerous tourists to travel to Italy and they must visit to Vatican Museums as its well known building style and Centuries-old history and culture. Certainly, you also can travel whole day, then enjoy a good feast at night. Because there are also […]

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December 28, 2018

The Travel Strategy for Japan(I)

Japan is a country with extremely rich tourism resources, surrounded by the sea, and has many mountainous and hilly features. The architectural culture and food culture are very unique and have always been a popular tourist destination, with both famous attractions and unpopular ”land of idyllic beauty”.Click Here For More. 1.Mount Fuji Mount Fuji is […]

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October 15, 2018

The World Must-see Places(I)

New Orleans This unique American city is 300 years old this year. There are no other cities like New Orleans in the world. The influence from Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Aboriginal people has turned New Orleans into a melting pot. This diversity is reflected in many aspects, such as music, diet, language, […]

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