March 25, 2019

Compare with these Nuts, Which One has the Most Nutritious(III)


Regulate blood sugar and protect the heart

Sweet almonds, also known as almonds and almonds, are the same, but they are different from bitter almonds. Sweet almonds can be eaten as snacks. Bitter almonds are poisonous. Don’t eat snacks, but use them as doctors. Treatment is not harmful. In patients with coronary heart disease who eat almonds, the incidence of angina pectoris is 50% lower than that of non-feeders. Almonds have the effect of regulating insulin and blood sugar levels.SinoeastDeutsch They are also one of the therapeutic products with low glucose tolerance and diabetes. Almonds are rich in boron and calcium. Quality is also beneficial for preventing osteoporosis in menopausal women.

Chew more than ten tablets before going to bed every day to improve sleep and enhance resistance.


Rich in folic acid, suitable for all ages

The content of calcium, phosphorus and iron in hazelnuts is also higher than other nuts. Because of its nutrient-rich and sweet taste, people have used it as a precious fruit since ancient times. The hazelnut is flat and sweet, and it has strengthen spleen, diarrhea and eyesight, deworming and other effects, medlar is rich in vitamin E and folic acid, the former is a powerful antioxidant, the latter is beneficial to the healthy development of the fetus in pregnant women, can help high blood pressure patients reduce the risk of stroke.العربيةSinoeast

According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, scorpions are also a good source of dietary fiber, B vitamins, protein, potassium, and calcium. Eating 1/2 ounce (about 14 grams) of scorpion every day can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Nuts has so much nutrition, because they contain more fat, and meanwhile, also contain more heat, it is easy to cause obesity if we over eat nuts. So although nuts have so many nutrient substance, we should not eat too much.Sinoeast日本語 Scientists said, intake 50g every week is moderate, in addition to this, we should cautious when we buy some flavoured nuts, reasons as follows:

Avoiding eating into excess salt

In the process of processing, it will inevitably cause a large amount of coarse salt to enter the fruit from the crack. If you eat a handful of walnuts, you will consume a lot of salt. If you eat salt every day, you will eat more walnuts. More, this not only affects the original intention of many people to eat walnut health care, blood vessel protection, anti-cardio-cerebral vascular disease, but also aggravate chronic diseases, promote bone calcium loss, and bury hidden dangers of osteoporosis;

Covering the musty smell of walnut

Walnuts are easy to go bad. If the shell is cracked, it will be more susceptible to deterioration. When the walnuts are fried, a lot of coarse salt and spices will help to mask the taste of the moldy walnuts, which not only gives the vendors a chance to reuse.SinoeastGalego If you are unfortunate enough to eat mildewed walnuts, there may be a risk of aflatoxin poisoning. Lighter causes chronic liver damage, and severe cases lead to acute poisoning.

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