January 17, 2019

Cuba Opens 3G Network(I)

December 6, 2018, is a day to remember for mobile phone users all over the world. On the one hand, because on this day, Qualcomm will officially introduce its first master chip, Qianlong 855, designed for 5G “thousands of gigabytes mobile internet”. On the other hand, for the Cuban people, their smartphones will be online anytime and anywhere for the first time on this day – yes, you’re right, Cuba, one of the least developed areas of the world’s Internet, finally announced the official opening of mobile Internet business. Cuba opens 3G network successfully.

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Specifically, according to the fee standards issued by ETECSA, the only Telecom operator, Cuban mobile phone users can enjoy 1 MB (yes, you’re still right) mobile Internet access for only 10 cents a month from December 6. However, happy last time on the Internet,Click Here For More. a month’s income is not enough, how does this work? Maybe you already think it is incredible. But it is true.

For many Cuban citizens, whose monthly income is around 200 yuan, it is still far from possible to go online at will. Cubans use “ancient wisdom” to build a fully functional Internet beyond official channels. Moreover, this “Internet” does not need a network card, a mobile phone, or even any data traffic, because it is transmitted through a mobile hard disk.

Cuba has one of the lowest Internet usage in the world, but Internet usage has been growing rapidly since the United States and Cuba declared “ice-breaking” in 2014. In recent years, the Cuban government has been building 3G networks in cities throughout the island for foreign tourists, Cuban government officials and foreign businessmen.

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