January 15, 2019

Dynastic Period in India(I)

Indian Culture and History always attract the most of tourists. historians and Archaeologists. About its massive religion culture and even history development, they are really worth to discover. Well, let us read about its Indian Dynastic period through my post. Simply Indian dynastic period may divide into 5 period such as Maurya dynasty, Alien invasion period, Gupta Dynasty, Post Gupta Dynasty and Raja Putra period. Below is the main content of Dynastic period in India.Click Here For More.


Maurya Dynasty

From 322 B.C. to 185 B.C. Shortly after Alexander’s withdrawal from India, Chandragupta, known as the Chandragupta, overthrew the Radha family of Morgeda. Then Chandragupta had Established the first Maurya dynasty in Indian history. He expelled the remnants of the Greeks in Punjab and gradually conquered most of northern India. Later in his reign, the Chandragupta repulsed the invasion of Seleucus Nicator I (σέλευκος ό νικάτωρ), Asia’s most powerful Greek ruler, and gained control of Afghanistan. The Maurya Dynasty finally reached its peak during Ashoka’s reign, and the great monarch completed the conquest of southern Kalinga, thus formally uniting India under the imperial regime with the exception of some countries at the extreme south end. King Ashoka strongly supported Buddhism and carried out extensive missionary activities. However, the prosperity of the Maurya Dynasty ceased after the death of Ashoka.

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