August 16, 2019

Electric chain hoist

In the industrial lifting and heavy load operation, the electric chain hoist must be indispensable. It is a light and small electric hoist with high working level, which is not only efficient, but also safe and reliable. Let’s take a look at our lightweight and durable mini electric chain hoist.

It adopts stamped steel frame, which is light and sturdy. The high-strength safety hook will not break when subjected to accidental overload shock. When it is overweight, it will only gradually deform and will not cause the heavy object to directly fall off, resulting in casualties and high safety performance. The chain electric hoist chain runs in the sprocket and is not easy to fall off or quit, and the use is more stable.

mini electric chain hoist

The chain, electric hoist is a lightweight, beautiful and durable plastic chain bag with anti-rust oil to prevent the chain from rusting. The electric hoist also has a limit switch, and the limit switch device is installed on the crane to make the motor stop automatically, preventing the chain from exceeding and ensuring safety.

The electric hoist also has a reverse protection device. When the power connection is wrong, the control circuit cannot operate and plays a protective role. The electric chain hoist has low noise, strong overload and excellent braking force.

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