August 19, 2022

Exploration of applications for mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

The generation and development of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology has replaced the original manual work, which has led to a substantial improvement in production efficiency and product quality, and also created a good working environment and saved all kinds of resources and labor.

Although China attaches great importance to the research of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology, there are still some problems in the actual application, which seriously restrict its development and innovation. Therefore, China urgently needs to improve the existing automation technology, so that China’s mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology to reach the world’s leading level as soon as possible.

   The application of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

  1. Information flow of automation

  Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology has created a fully automatic production mode, which only needs to design the production program on the computer, and will realize the complete control of the machine. Automated information flow is the main application of this technology, including computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided process design and product data management system, etc. The computer can calculate all kinds of data accurately and efficiently, design the best product structure and production mode, and make the whole production process standardized and precise.

  2. Automated logistics supply and delivery system

  Automated production is inseparable from the automatic supply and transmission of raw materials, and the automated logistics supply and demand system is to automatically transport raw materials and semi-finished products to each production machine, so that the semi-finished products processed by the current production machine automatically enter the next machine to continue the processing process until the finished product is completed. The automated logistics supply and demand system connects each machine into a whole and strengthens the coherence of production and manufacturing. Generally speaking, the automated logistics supply and delivery system includes single machine automation device, automatic conveying system and other equipment.

  3.Automated processing system

  The automated processing system is the core of the whole production and manufacturing, using automation technology to replace the traditional manual work, reducing all kinds of risks caused by subjective factors. The control system will give all kinds of operation instructions to the production machinery, and monitor its implementation, and can also issue early warning when the raw materials are insufficient or machinery failure, to ensure the continuity of production. The use of automated processing system only requires a small investment, will get a good return, and production machinery can be continuous production, effectively guarantee the completion of production tasks on time.

  4.Automated assembly system

  Automated assembly system is the process of combining various geometric parts and components into finished products in accordance with certain technical requirements, through the steps of handling, combining, debugging and inspection. Assembly is an important link to ensure the quality of mechanical products. The automated assembly system replaces the assembly work which used to rely on the complex operation and skills of workers, improves the production efficiency and production quality of products, makes the products more detailed and precise, and is an important application of mechanical automation technology.

  5. Automated testing process

  With the continuous development of modern science and technology, a variety of new materials, tools and complex processing equipment are constantly applied to the process of machinery manufacturing, making the detection of products significantly more difficult, the previous method of relying on manual testing can no longer meet the requirements of development. Therefore, automated inspection processes have been introduced into machine building. This includes the identification of tool wear status based on timing, current signal, artificial neural network, intelligent equipment diagnosis technology of multi-expert system, etc.

  The application of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation status quo

  1. Automation technology level is relatively backward

  China’s research in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology started late, the starting point is low, although the development momentum is very rapid, but in the process technology from the world’s leading level still exists a certain distance. Today, the international community can already use automation technology and the new high technology content of nanotechnology, laser technology, the production of manufactured products in the quality and technology has a very big breakthrough, while China is still stuck in a single study of automation technology, resulting in the lack of competitiveness of manufactured products.

  2. The limited scope of application of automation technology

  Due to the limited understanding of machinery manufacturing and its automation technology, many studies are only in the theoretical stage, not applied to the actual production, these technologies due to the lack of practical verification and can not find the defects and drawbacks, and can not be improved and enhanced. Some factories use automation technology in the production process, but these technologies are often immature, making the quality of the products made poor, high cost, and the existence of great loss and waste of materials, so they have given up the use of automation technology. In the long run, the application of automation technology is limited to a very small area, which greatly slows down the development process of automation technology.

  3. Lack of automation technology talents

  The popularity of automation technology in China’s manufacturing industry is low, and many students tend to favor IT, management and other professions with good welfare and stable industry development when choosing a major, but ignore the huge development potential of automation technology, resulting in the withering of automation technology talents. With the gradual increase of people’s attention to automation technology, more and more students choose automation majors, but they still need to go to the workplace for practical training after graduation in order to master the core of automation technology, and the existing staff are generally older and less receptive to new technologies and ideas, so it takes a lot of time to train up real automation technology talents who can take charge of their own. This has caused the embarrassing situation of insufficient automation technology talents in China at present.

  4. The impact of automation technology on the environment

  As we all know, the production efficiency of automation technology is very high, and the production process will continuously consume raw materials and various resources, and produce a lot of waste gas and waste water, which will cause great pollution and damage to the environment. Some factories do not take environmental protection measures for their own economic benefits, and discharge industrial waste directly into nature, which not only increases harmful substances in the air, water and land, but also kills the surrounding plants and animals and destroys the ecological balance of the earth. This kind of behavior that only knows how to produce but does not know how to protect is already common in today’s society, so it is urgent to study the green and sustainable automation technology.

  The development trend of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

  1. Development of automation technology in line with China’s national conditions

  Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation is a technology that needs to be constantly developed and improved, the improvement of this technology requires a lot of time and energy, we should take the research and development of advanced automation technology as our mission and task with a high degree of care, patience and responsibility, through studying and learning from the advanced foreign automation theory, on the basis of which the core technology research is carried out, so as to improve the automation technology Science and technology content, and strive to create automation technology that meets our national conditions as soon as possible.

In addition, automation technology should meet the market development needs and improve together with computer technology. Because the implementation of automated production needs to be controlled by computer, so in the development of automation technology should also increase the investment in computer technology, research and development of more practical, better performance of computer hardware and software, and computer technology and automation technology used in conjunction to increase the control of the production machinery, so that the products produced and the design of the model to achieve full consistency.   

 2. Development of high-efficiency, low-cost automation technology

  At the current stage of development in China, the development of high-tech, low-cost automation technology has great feasibility, China’s mechanical automation has gradually turned to virtualization and network development. With the popularity of China’s computer and network technology, the production and operation of machinery manufacturing enterprises to bring more opportunities, the impact of global economic integration, access to a wider range of raw materials, products can also be exported overseas, no longer have to worry about the lack of supplies or product stagnation and other situations. Moreover, enterprises can absorb more production experience and methods through mutual communication, which helps ensure excellent manufacturing process and shorten investment costs and life cycle, and can better realize modeling and simulation of workshop production planning, supply chain and logistics, organization management, etc., and promote competition and cooperation among enterprises.

  3. Strengthen the training of mechanical automation technology talents

  The urgent task of developing automation technology is to pay attention to the cultivation and absorption of automation talents so that automation technology can play a full role in production. To this end, the welfare treatment of technical personnel should be improved and a good promotion mechanism should be designed to stimulate the interest of talents in the profession, so that they can join the study of automation technology actively. At the same time, training work for in-service technicians should be organized frequently, and scientific and efficient training plans should be formulated according to their existing knowledge systems, and training should be launched at different levels.

For older technicians, although they have rich practical experience, but theoretical knowledge is not enough, should increase the inculcation of theoretical knowledge.

For young technicians, although they have systematic theoretical knowledge, they lack working experience, so they should strengthen practical training. In addition, should also create a harmonious working environment, strengthen the communication and exchange between technical personnel, so that they learn from each other and make progress together, in order to create a high-quality talent team with excellent automation technology as soon as possible.

  4. Green development of mechanical automation technology

  With the improvement of people’s living standards, the importance of the environment is increasing day by day, especially for the production and manufacturing industries that cause the most serious environmental pollution, a series of environmental protection measures should be taken immediately to repair the porous ecological environment.

Companies can adopt new automated production technologies, purchase advanced environmental protection equipment, or enhance the recycling of materials. For example, set up factories far away from towns and water sources, use environmentally friendly raw materials for production, treat waste gas and wastewater generated during production before discharge, recycle reusable waste materials into fuel and construction materials, etc.

Enterprises can also cooperate with other industries to establish a one-stop industrial chain of product manufacturing-recycling and processing-secondary use, truly connecting automation technology with environmental protection and completely solving environmental pollution problems. This development mode will not only promote the rapid development of the industry, but also bring more economic and social benefits.


  We are now in the era of informationization and automation, which is an important opportunity to improve our automation technology and a great revolution of innovative technology. We should actively learn from foreign advanced theory of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, develop core technology that meets our national conditions, and strengthen the promotion of automation technology and apply it to various production and manufacturing industries to improve the technological content and practical value of products. In addition, we should do a good job of environmental protection, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the discharge of industrial waste, and strive to achieve green sustainable development of automated production as soon as possible.

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