January 8, 2019

Global News To Read(I)

News update every day, recently, there are some fresh and novelty news to show out. Please have a read below to know global information and how to change the world? Well, human excrement function is only for fertilizer? The answer is exact wrong, let me read to know its other usage for human’s development. Well, in China, they never stop the pace forward to development, Beijing, recently, issues action plan to boost AI industry and Scientific and technological domain. Certainly, there is a bad news from Google’s Alphabet because they gives up on development of rescue robots. Let us read concrete news information right now.Click Here For More.

Scientists Are Turning Human Excrement Into Renewable Bio-fuel

A team of researchers from Israel’s Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) has proved, for the first time, A technology for converting human excreta into hydrogenated carbon, a safe, renewable biomass fuel similar to charcoal and a nutritious fertilizer.Click Here For More.

The Group believes that this process may address two major problems affecting many less affluent countries: poor sanitation and growing energy demand.

Amit Gross, from the Department of Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology at BGU, said “Human excreta are considered hazardous due to their potential to transmit disease,”, then added by him again “While it is rich in organic matter nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium,Click Here For More. human waste also contains micropollutants from pharmaceuticals, which can lead to environmental problems if not disposed or reused properly.”

in the Journal of Cleaner Production a pilot study published that the researchers described how they used a technology called hydrothermal carbonization to heat untreated solid waste to three different temperatures (180, 210 and 240 C) in a special pressure cooker for specific period of relative 30, 60 or 120 minutes.

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