February 18, 2019

Good Marketing Decision For Increasing Orders On Amazon.com(I)


Through many years development and competition, hot Amazon shopping platform has already covered to globe presently. According to rough statistics, in 2018, Amazon announced its fourth quarter results with net profit increasing by 30 percents and reach to $1.9 billion dollars. At the same time, the platform owns over 300 million consumers with over 20 billion commodities. As such intensive competitive environment for every online stores, if you hope to increase the orders, then you have to know good marketing decision to prompt your thoughts becoming true. Today, you may understand and operate these marketing decisions and become a excellent sales talent.Click Here For More.

Social recognition

For example, the above is the product page content of Amazon’s key chain commodities.

According to a Nielsen survey, 92% of people believe in friends’ recommendations, and 70 percents of consumers believe in recommendations from people they do not even know. Meanwhile, according to YouGov, 78% of American consumers read reviews before making purchase decisions, and 87 percents believe in online reviews just as they believe in friends and family. On the other hand, 80 percents of consumers give up buying because of some of negative comments. It can be predicted that online evaluation has become one of the most powerful forms of social identity (social recognition).

In science, social identity is described as a psychological phenomenon in which people follow other people’s behavior to reflect the correct behavior under certain circumstances including the network environment.

There are reasons why Amazon places social identity at the centre. When the consumers shop on Amazon, after searching and clicking on the product pages they need, their eyes may first be on the comments of merchandises.

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