October 11, 2018

Helping Children to Know Sharing with Others is Correct?

Recently, there was a event to be happened between two children about toy which they played together. Through this event I find that parents have to understand how to teach children about share with others and whether helping children to know sharing with others is correct? Perhaps, you may think this is not important thing because they are children only. Actually early education to children will help them to grow up with good moral and more confidence. Well, let me narrate about this experience as below,

A Real Story

A few days ago, I was back home after duty off time. When I got to my apartment entrance, then I found next door female child was crying. I was so curious to ask about this event at that time. Originally she was playing with a toy, then a little boy wanted to play but was refused by this little girl. However the little boy directly robbed the toy from the girl and the little girl as so young, so do not dare to snatch back the toy with only way of crying. At the same time her mother thought it was okay to let people play with the toys, and was teaching little girl to learn to share so that she could have double happiness.


I always thought about this event between two children. Whether her mother was correct to teach her girl about share with others? Normally the most of people may think about share is virtue and merit so we have to be widespread publicity. However we forget choice of objects. Such as this even, no matter little girl understand share or not, that is her choice. Only thing parents may do is about guidance and persuasion, moreover final result will depend on little girl’s decision. Although it is now advocated that children learn to share, but if the children’s early possessiveness is really strong, parents should not be forced to demand. Many times we need psychological transposition to consider this event.


More important thing than the problem of not sharing is that the child has been robbed of the toy. At this point as a mother, firstly she should take back the toys no matter the way such as through the boy’s parents or friendly negotiation with the boy. Anyhow we must stand by our children. This way will help your children to build confidence and know what is right or what is wrong, namely ability of distinguishing about truth and falsehood.


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