March 6, 2019

Hi, Financial Risk Manager(II)


Financial industry is a high-risk industry. check here There are many financial risks, such as exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, accounting risk, market risk, credit risk and so on.

The gradual opening of financial markets in various countries and the rapid entry of foreign financial institutions have increased the operational risks of financial institutions. Therefore, financial risk control has been strengthened by financial holding enterprises, securities companies, investment banks and commercial banks, asset management companies, futures companies, insurance companies, and accounting and auditing departments of major enterprise groups.


This has also led to a sharp increase in the demand for financial risk management professionals in these industries. Enterprises are thirsty for talents, but due to the lag of education in some countries, the supply of talents is obviously insufficient. check here Few well-trained and professionally qualified financial risk management personnel are available. Shortage of talent leads to higher salaries.

It is understood that financial risk managers are well paid. Participating in professional training and obtaining qualifications certificates are the shortcuts to this hot list of talents.


Comparative analysis abut FRM and CFA

FRM is specially for financial risk management: the applicable work is the risk management of enterprises, banks, insurance, investment and other institutions; as long as the exam is taken once, it mainly focuses on quantity and specific risk management methods; its difficulty is equivalent to the relevant content of CFA level II.check here


CFA is specially designed for investment analysis and management: the applicable work is investment management and portfolio management, and the demand institutions are investment management departments or analysis departments of financial institutions such as funds, investment and banks; they need to pass three-level examinations in turn, with a wide range of knowledge.

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