October 8, 2019

How to keep steel

The emergence of steel has brought great convenience to our lives, but for the storage of steel, sheet metal coil for sale, it is a matter of learning, how to save to prevent pressure deformation or rust?

How to keep steel?

1. Steel storage

In the process of steel storage, care should be taken to avoid mechanical damage to the steel and to prevent rust. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate customs clearance measures to prevent it.

The damage caused by steel corrosion and the damage caused are quite serious. In addition to the national reserve warehouse and a few modern warehouses, the storage conditions of steel are generally not very good, and quite a lot of steel is not packaged, and it is often stored in the open air, and it is easily rusted by the wind, rain and dust. Corrosion not only destroys the surface and shape of the steel and its finished products, but also reduces the performance. For example, when the steel rust depth is about 1%, the strength is reduced by 5-10%. Therefore, we will strengthen the storage and maintenance of steel materials and take active measures to prevent corrosion of steel during storage. This will not only reduce the loss caused by corrosion, but also save steel and ensure product quality.

2. Reasonable layout of the warehouse

The warehouse is not only the place where the goods are stored, but also the place where the collection, distribution and management work is carried out. In order to facilitate the smooth progress of these tasks, there must be a reasonable layout.

The layout of the library should ensure the continuity of the receiving, sending and pipe operations and do not interfere with each other. Make full use of the warehouse area, reasonably arrange and maximize the storage area of ​​the goods, but the non-storage area such as the outflow channel, the receiving and dispatching operations and the office location. Goods that are frequently collected and delivered and bulky and bulky goods are arranged close to the warehouse door to shorten the transportation distance and reduce the workload.

After making a general plan for the layout within the warehouse, the material area and material level are delineated. The designated material area is classified according to steel, steel, steel, metal products, etc., and the steel is stored in the designated area, the material level is set, the licensing mark is indicated, and the steel type, variety, specification and number are indicated.

3. General principles of steel palletizing

Under the conditions of ensuring safety, attention should be paid to the rational use of storage capacity, convenient steel delivery and easy maintenance of ventilation, cleaning, inspection, etc. At the same time, attention should be paid to saving materials, improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity. According to the steel storage deadline and the natural and material conditions of the warehouse, it is necessary to carry out the palletization according to the time, the object and the local conditions.

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