March 18, 2019

Inspire the Innovation and Struggle of National Science and Technology (III)

In the scientific research industry, there must be courage and spirit to challenge scientific problems. In order to find the “perfect coordination” of rice quality and quantity, the research team led by Li Jiayang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, finally found the answer after years of hard work. This breakthrough achievement has great strategic significance for guiding future crop genetic improvement and ensuring national food security, check here and won the first prize of the 2017 National Natural Science Award.

In the search for the “invisible” of the universe, this time Chinese scientists ran ahead of the world. When physicists in several major laboratories around the world were struggling to find traces of the third mode of oscillation, the China Daya Bay Neutrino Laboratory gave the first answer. In the 2016 National Science and Technology Awards, Wang Yifang, the head of the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment Project and the director of the High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the first prize of the Natural Science Award for this achievement.

Among the national science and technology awards projects,check here there are many major projects for national strategic needs. There are large-scale science and technology projects such as UHV and Beidou that have achieved China’s creation and China’s leadership. They have provided the “China Program” for the prevention and control of major new infectious diseases to the world, as well as oil and gas development and modern coal chemical industry. A series of key core technology breakthroughs through independent innovation in many important areas such as deep sea exploration, transportation infrastructure, network security and information technology.

Among the award-winning achievements, there are many technological innovations that are “of indomitable spirit”, which not only promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, but also aims to improve people’s livelihood and give the people a greater sense of gain.check here

The early-maturing and high-quality potato variety breeding and application project won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The scientific research team allowed itself to “root the roots deeply like a potato”. Agricultural science and technology truly serve the harvest of agricultural products and farmers’ income. The scientific and technological personnel continued to work hard to promote the new varieties cultivated in the country by 78.685 million mu, and promote the increase of early-maturing potatoes from 6.5 million mu to 40 million mu in China, which promoted the development of science and technology and industry in the potato industry and produced huge economic and social benefits.

“The National Science and Technology Awards Conference is undoubtedly a major event for the scientific and technological community and the country every year. Every year, a group of scientific and technological achievements represent the highest level of science and technology in the country, reflecting China’s comprehensive national strength and international influence, and will further enhance the honor of scientific and technological personnel, responsibility and mission, and stimulate the endogenous motivation of innovation.” Pan Feng, assistant general engineer of 500 meters diameter FAST engineering, and senior engineer described his feelings.

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