March 14, 2019

Montenegro, the Low-key and Secretive Tourist Attraction (II)

The water transport in Montenegro is very developed, close to the Adriatic Sea, and Bar Harbor is the most famous port city. He is the port of Montenegro with other European countries.

  1. Kotor Bay: Kotor Bay is the largest fjord in the country and the largest fjord in southern Europe. The sea is green and cool,check here making it the best place for a beach. A large number of yachts will appear here during the warm summer months of July and August. Therefore, it is also the destination for many leisure and luxury vacations.
  2. Podgorica: It is the capital of the Republic of Montenegro. The capital was once destroyed by the war in World War II. After the war, it was rebuilt on the original site. In the city there is a Orthodox church built during the Serbian rule. The interior of the church is gorgeous and it is one of the largest Orthodox churches that built on this peninsula. One kilometre from the church, there is the most famous bridge in Podgorica, the Millennium Bridge.

  1. Tara Canyon & Tara River Bridge: Located in the northern part of Montenegro, the Tara Canyon is the deepest canyon among the canyons found in Europe. It is definitely the favorite place for explorers. The Tara River Canyon Bridge is a steel-structured highway bridge that is about 300 meters long. It was first built in 1940 and was destroyed during World War II. It was rebuilt and retained in 1946 and was listed on the World Heritage List in the 1980s.check here
  2. Lovcen Mountain: The Lovchin Mountain is the top of Montenegro, and the country of Montenegro is named after it. Come to Lovchenko National Park and climb to the highest peak on the summit. We can overlook the capital Podgorica on it and is a must-see place for local hiking and sightseeing. Montenegro national hero and a famous philosopher’s tomb are on top of this mountain.

Walk through the ancient city of Montenegro in the world, check here and buy a favorite gift; walk into the Roman and Gothic mixed-style church to say hello to the priest. The ancient city of the Middle Ages, the narrow streets, the ancient houses on both sides cover the sky. If you look up at the sky, is a narrow place, but when you go out of this ancient city, there will be a broad vision, as if travel through the time from the Middle Ages to modern. The historical time is preserved in the form of the ancient city, and the traces of the past can be found in the mottled imprint of the ancient city. It is also like the call of time. Welcome to the historic city of Montenegro and discover the intersection of the past and the present.

Montenegro, a small and exquisite country, has a history of miniatures of European history and is also a country with a long history. If you have the opportunity, go for a walk, check it out and discover the different Montenegro.

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