December 27, 2018

Natural Attractions in Abu Dhabi

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, covering an area of 67,340 square kilometers, including about 200 islands, accounting for 86.68% of the country’s total area. The population is 2.36 million (2016), accounting for about 42% of the country’s total population. The city mainly has the capital city of Abu Dhabi, the provincial capital of the eastern province of Ain and the provincial capital of Zayed City.

The emirate also boasts some amazing and unique natural features. Visitors can have it all here: lazy days spent sunbathing and swimming, interspersed with exploring stunning landscapes and enjoying an action-packed adventure. To the south-west of the capital, the awe-inspiring Rub’ al Khali, or Empty Quarter, is the world’s largest uninterrupted sand desert and the perfect place to start. Stretching for more than 250,000 square miles across Arabia, it is one of the most photogenic and least explored places on the planet, with towering dunes, kaleidoscopic sunsets and unparalleled opportunities for stargazing.Click Here For More.

Click Here For More. Day tours are hugely popular, and include tackling the dunes in a four-wheel drive, followed by camel trekking, falconry displays and dinner under the stars. You can also opt for heart-pounding extras such as sandboarding, quad-biking and dune buggy rides. Don’t miss out on a chance to camp overnight in the desert for a magical and truly memorable experience; many operators offer two-day tours sleeping under canvas in a Bedouin-style camp. But if luxury is more your style, you can always book a night or two at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, a two-hour drive south of the city. Nestled among saffron-hued dunes, this five-star luxury resort features palm-shaded pools and a fabulous spa, as well as offering day trips to the surrounding Liwa Oasis, with its authentic camel farms and centuries-old date plantations.But it’s not just breathtaking desert vistas that make Abu Dhabi such a wonder to behold. With around 250 miles of coastline and some 200 islands, the emirate has plenty of beautiful beaches too. Just minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Beach stretches away with sugar-white sand that’s dotted with sun loungers and surrounded by turquoise waters, watched over by lifeguards.

Visitors can enjoy water sports including paddleboarding and windsurfing at the public beach, Click Here For More. or laze by the infinity pool at the upmarket Saadiyat Beach Club. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins cavorting offshore, while the dunes are a protected nesting site for hawksbill turtles. You can, however, experience Abu Dhabi’s coastal mangrove forests without leaving the city. The Mangrove National Park lies just east of the city centre, and you can embark on a kayaking or paddleboarding adventure with a number of eco-tour operators. Spot herons, crabs and sea turtles, then beach your kayak on a sandy isle and swim in crystalline waters, before slowly meandering back to base.


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