March 19, 2019

Perfect the Education Standardization Work (IV)

Language and text standards. To establish a norm and standard system of language and text and study the related standards of voice, text, vocabulary, grammar, national minority language and foreign language application.check here


  1. Improve the implementation mechanism of educational standards

Improve the awareness and ability to follow standards, increase the implementation of standards, policy development, administrative licensing, etc. should actively reference standards and effective use standards. Strengthen supervision, inspection and administrative law enforcement in accordance with mandatory national standards. Encourage the typical refinement of education reform and development into education standards, and form a replicable and expandable experience through standard methods to play a leading role in demonstration.

Encourage all levels schools and kindergartens show their educational standards to the public. Increase the propaganda of educational standards, promote the successful experience of education standardization work, interpret the textbook of education standards, let the concept of standardization reach the deep hearts of the people in the field of education, and better understand the standards and consciously use standards. Increase the standard publicity force, check here the mandatory standard text should be freely disclosed to the public, and promote the free publicity of standard texts to the public.

  1. Sound education standard management mechanism

Encourage social organizations such as associations and associations established in accordance with the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations to establish group standards in the field of education, check here which shall be agreed upon by members of the group or used by the society in accordance with the provisions of this group. If the implementation of group standards is effective and meets the requirements of national standards, industry standards or local standards, the group standard issuing agency may apply for conversion to national standards, industry standards or local standards.

In accordance with the principle of ”management standards must be managed”, education standards development and implementation will be closely integrated with business work. Continuously improve the standard system of this business area, and develop and implement an annual plan for education standards. Coordinate the use of standard and standard policy documents in two management methods and means, and convert standard policy documents into standards as needed. The Ministry of Education and the Standardization Technical Committee of the Education Sector should strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the formulation and revision of national standards and industry standards. We should increase the funding for education standardization work, and ensure the setting and revision of standards which are involved in the work planning through special support and government procurement services.

  1. Deepen international cooperation and exchanges

Actively participate in international standardization activities in the field of education, check here take the initiative to participate in the international standards organization technical institutions and assume relevant positions. Increase the tracking, evaluation and transformation of international education standards, and focus on learning from international experience. Promote China’s education standards to ”go global”, strengthen mutual recognition of standards with major countries, and do a good job in translation and publication of Chinese education standards in foreign languages.

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