November 21, 2021

PP SS Spunbond Machine

Innovation For Hygiene Applications

Creating material for applications that increment our prosperity and personal satisfaction.

Outline Of The Main Applications:


Incontinence items

Female cleanliness



Permeable cushions

Innovation For Medical Applications

Creating material for applications that securely ensure clinical staff and patients.

Outline Of The Main Applications:

Facial coverings

Work force defensive dress

Operation necessities

Implantation packs

Dialysis sacks

Wound dressings

Innovation For Applications In The Consumer Goods Industry

Creating materials for applications that save our food, shield it from PP SS Spunbond Machine defilement and permit the protected transportation of buyer merchandise.

Outline Of The Main Applications:

Food bundling

Attire bundling

Trash containers

Transporter packs

Transport bundling

Home materials and floor covers

Innovation For Industrial Applications

Delivering materials for applications that guarantee progress and keep our industry and coordinations running

Outline Of The Main Applications:



Building development

Structural designing

Street development


Innovation For Agricultural Applications

Creating materiasl for applications that secure our harvests and guarantee great yields.

Outline Of The Main Applications:

Mulching film

Nursery film


Agrarian materials

Creepy crawly insurance

Holder liners


  1. SS Nonwoven Machine Adopts an astute electrical control bureau and turning drafting framework. The framework controlling mode highlights in cutting edge AC recurrence adjusted speed, completely computerized synchronized interchanges.
  2. SS Nonwoven Machine is twofold beam,owns clear better just as clear bigger amount underway than S Nonwoven Machine.

3.SS Nonwoven Machine runs in high effectiveness and low power utilization. In light of the elements above, SS Nonwoven Machine can assist clients to save work and wide similarity with various high prerequisites of creations.

The textures have more prominent power, better breath-capacity, and better inclination, they are broadly utilized for different fields like clinical and wellbeing, excellence care items, sterile items, modern and rural defensive covers, stopping linning, etc.

1.Power consumption:the force of the entire machine is around 1816KW, and the functioning power is around 700KW

2.Buyer ought to ready

Studio requirementslength 32 m * width 20 m * high 12 m (just for creation line space necessity, unrefined components, completed items room, office need have extra)

Power supply380V50Hz

Water supply(city water),cistern : 30m(Apply to cooling water

dissemination framework)

Give laborers, forklift, forklift, crane and other transportation devices

Give unrefined substances required

during establishment and appointing

A wide range of greasing up oil, oil and hotness move oil

Link from the dealer’s electric box to the electric control

Get ready establishment, inserted plate of establishment and anchor bolts welded on implanted plate of establishment

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