February 28, 2019

Related Keyword Uses In PHP Language(I)

PHP language, Hypertext Preprocessor, is a universal open source scripting language. Its grammar matches to the features of C programming, Java code and Perl language. Certainly, it means these language own similar coding form, syntactic structure and so on. Meanwhile, different keywords may embody each distinctive function. Aimed to these keywords, let us learn carefully, so that you learning programming may apply the PHP code flexibly and efficiently.check here

Method Override

If the method inherited from the parent class can not meet the needs of the subclass, it can be overridden.check here This process is called override of the method, also known as override of the method.

Access Control

PHP controls access to attributes or methods by adding keywords public (public), protected (protected) or private (private) in front.

  • Public – Public class members can be accessed anywhere.check here
  • Protected – Protected class members can be accessed by themselves and their children and parents.
  • Private – Private class members can only be accessed by the class in which they are defined.

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