September 28, 2018

Technology Changes Our Life (II)

  1. AR technology

Compared to artificial intelligence, which is often hidden behind the scenes, AR is a technology that is popular with teenagers. At the beginning of the year, Alipay and AR red envelopes let everyone appreciate the fun of this technology. Nowadays, when marketing, they use AR to be handy. Although buy a burger, a bottle of Coke, scan the QR code. The cute thing came out of the phone screen.

However, AR’s application range is not limited to interactive mini-games. The real-time navigation app ”Easy Go” belongs to AR’s advanced gameplay. This app uses AR, LBS and Bluetooth technology to realize real-life navigation in the high-speed rail station. It not only provides a ”real way to lead”, but also provides information on various discounted businesses in the station, so that your high-speed rail journey can be switched from ”hard” to “easy”. The map we has seen, and AR technology we has seen, but it is a practical function to combine AR and map.

  1. Intelligent speaker

In addition to unmanned supermarkets, Amazon’s Echo has also led the trend of smart speakers. Google, Apple, Ali and other giants are naturally unwilling to fall behind. Google Home, HomePod, Sonos One, and Tmall Elf have come out one after another. The prelude was opened. With the blessing of the word “smart”, these speakers are obviously not just pure audio output devices, but are regarded as the entrance to smart homes. Checking the weather and sending messages are just basic operations. Intelligent speakers are also the connection center for all kinds of smart home devices. Home appliances such as curtains, lights, air conditioners, and TVs can be used to “wait you to send orders”. Perhaps gradually we can’t stand without this intelligent assistant.

Besides, the application of artificial intelligence in environmental awareness, driving decision, path planning, voice gesture recognition, eye tracking, driver monitoring and natural language interaction can help the car to cope with complex road conditions, thus achieving safe and comfortable autonomous driving. Technology changes life and changes our future are the fundamental starting point and end point of artificial intelligence. Now, although artificial intelligence can help people to complete part of their work, there is still a lot of room for creativity. I believe that in the near future, artificial intelligence will be more “intelligent” and will become an indispensable part of our lives like the Internet.

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