December 29, 2018

Ten Kinds of Good Outdoor Exercises(I)

Exercise while being close to nature is called green sports. Studies have shown that this has more health benefits than exercising indoors, including increased immune function, decreased blood pressure after exercise, and improved mood. Mike Rogerson, an expert on green sports research at the University of Essex in the UK, points out that green sports feel more relaxed than non-green sports. Recently, the US News and World Report published 10 kinds of green sports methods.Click Here For More.

  1. Hiking in forest parks and grasslands. If you are not a sportsman, you may wish to start from the outdoor walk, in the park near the community or on the green grass. Bicycle lanes and fitness trails are currently available in many cities, and green sports can be turned on at any time.Click Here For More.
  2. Riding in new terrain. Some cities have converted abandoned rail lines into cycling routes, and many have benefited. They walk through the green belts of the city and expand their mountain bike rides. Mountain biking can be carried out in any season and in a variety of terrains such as mountains, mud, sand and snow.
  3. Use outdoor man-made facilities. Don’t overlook the artificial space of some man-made facilities that can bring physical challenges and add fun to outdoor activities. Click Here For More. Currently, when many urban construction fitness trail, will arrange some of the healthy body equipment, exercisers may wish to stop and do vigorous walking the course to do sit-ups, pull-ups and so on.

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