July 26, 2019

The aluminum alloy gantry crane

The aluminum alloy gantry crane is a new type of aluminum alloy gantry crane developed according to the needs of medium and small factories, facades, outdoor and other daily production needs of handling equipment, warehouse loading and unloading, lifting and repairing heavy equipment and materials transportation.gantry crane supplier

The aluminum alloy gantry crane

Suitable for manufacturing molds, auto repair shops and where lifting is required. The biggest advantage of the aluminum alloy gantry crane is that it can be fully movable, can be quickly disassembled and installed, and has a small footprint. It can be transferred to another site for installation with a micro car. The width and height can be adjusted step by step. The steel structure is reasonable in design and can withstand the weight from 100 to 500KG. Especially suitable for the installation, handling and commissioning of workshop equipment.

There are two main types of aluminum alloy gantry cranes: one is a gantry that moves on the ground in all directions, the brake bearing wheel can be moved on the ground, suitable for lifting objects on the ground; the other is fixed on the floor surface by rails or On the beam, the crane is mechanicalized by electric or human hoist. It can reduce manpower, reduce production and operation costs, and improve work efficiency. The crane can customize different products according to the customer’s site conditions.

  Mobile aluminum gantry crane hoist can be used with chain hoists or electric hoists, the product is practical.

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