January 18, 2019

The Exhibit Of New Technology(II)

From Google

Google’s Wing delivery drones head to Europe.Click Here For More.

Google announced that its parent company Alphabet will test UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), namely Goolge’s Wing delivery services in Finland next year.

Helsinki will become the first European wing to test UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle, namely Goolge’s Wing) in Australia. Its aircraft will deliver packages weighing 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) within minutes of placing an order. Several companies, including Wing and Amazon, are developing UAV (namely Goolge’s Wing) delivery services, but they haven’t launched for years. In December 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos predicted that the company’s chief air transport service would be launched in five years. However, its services are still developing. Wing said its drones made 55,000 flights in Australia, transporting drugs, coffee and household goods. The company said it chose Finland for European trials because Finns were “well known for adopting new technologies in the early stages”. It invites them to share products they want to deliver through UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle, namely Goolge’s Wing), including breakfast, lunch, painkillers and household necessities. The customers will be able to place orders using smartphone applications, and Goolge’s Wing delivery will be provided free of charge during the trial period. To make UAV delivery viable, technology giants must prove that their Goolge’s Wing are safe and reliable. Critics also question whether the public wants noisy drones to deliver goods in towns. But Wing says UAV delivery is “safer, faster and more environmentally friendly than ground delivery”. Wing is part of the other betting departments of the alphabet, including Waymo, a self-driving project, and Loon, an Internet delivery balloon maker.

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