October 14, 2018

The Famous Educational Methods in the World

  • Carl Weter: Genius educational method

He thinks that the children’s education must be started with the beginning of their intelligence at the same time, he apply his theory to his son and make him become a legendary genius. He wrote the book The Education of Carl Weter on 1818, this book is also the earlist literature of the early education. His educational theory is called the model of the educational circle by descendants.

Although the god gives him a son who suffer from dementia, he let his son becomes a genius through his effort, the all miracle is from the genius educational method.

  1. The most important to the children is educate, isn’t talent. Whether a child grows up to be a genius or a mediocrity depends not on the conditions of talent, but on the education at the age of five or six.
  2. The potential ability of a child is follow the law of the diminishing marginal returns, their potential ability may reach to 100% if we proceed the ideal educate to them from birth.
  3. The education of the child must begin as soon as possible. The sooner the start, the more effective it will be, the more likely the child becomes a perfect person. Because although a child born with intelligence or has a good starting point at birth, if you don’t get the right training, you can’t fully realize his potential, then he will not achieve success eventually. On the contrary, although a child who has the poorly talent, if he get a reasonable education, he can also become a talent.

  1. Like a porcelain, a person forms the prototype of his life as a child. Early childhood is like clay in porcelain. What kind of education we give, what kind of prototype they will be. In fact, from birth to 3 years old, it is the most important period, because during this period, the way that a child how to accept things will effect his lifetime.
  2. According to experts’ research, the child prodigy who are not based on the early education but rely on talent are just a temporary phenomenon. Such child prodigies tend to disappear easily. This is the phenomenon expressed: 10-year-old is a child prodigy, 15-year-old is a genius, and 20-year-old is a mortal.
  3. The most important point for educating a child is to give the child development opportunity at times, it means we should let the child develop ability at the soonest.

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