November 6, 2018

The Guests of Honor that Attend the First CIIE(I)

At the first China International Import Expo, 12 countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Britain, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico all set up unique pavilions to show every country’s image, economic, trade development achievements and characteristic advantages products.

Russia – Five major areas showcase Sino-Russian trade achievements

As one of the guests of the first China International Import Expo, Russia’s participation has attracted much attention. According to the relevant person in charge of the China Merchants Embassy in Russia, the Russian exhibitors are divided into three categories: Firstly, the Russian State Gas Company, the Russian Atomic Energy Corporation and other large state-owned enterprises participating in the national exhibition, and the Russian Federation is responsible for the exhibition work; the second is that Russian small and medium-sized enterprises participate in the exhibition of enterprise exhibitions, and the Russian Export Center is responsible for the exhibition and exhibition work; thirdly, some Russian enterprises directly sign up through the Expo Organizing Committee.

In an exclusive interview, Russian Export Center President Andrei Srepnioff said that Russia is fully prepared to expand its trade with China from the enterprise to the national level. Russian business booths are distributed in the food and agricultural products exhibition area, medical equipment, medical and health exhibition area, clothing and apparel, consumer goods exhibition area, intelligent and high-end equipment exhibition area, and service trade exhibition area, showing the achievements of Sino-Russian trade in these five fields, and the future potential and trends.

Slipnyov believes that the good momentum of Sino-Russian trade development is the basis for the enthusiastic participation of Russian companies. ”The first China International Import Expo provided Russian companies an excellent opportunity to show their strength to Chinese consumers.” Sripnioff said with confidence: ”Russia will showcase the status quo and future of Russia’s exports to China in five major areas. The trend, while examining China’s domestic environment and understanding foreign competitors. Russian companies have fully prepared for this, I believe that the import fair will become a new driving force for Sino-Russian trade.”

A director in the famous Russia company said when he accepted an interview: “China’s IT market is the fastest growing and largest IT market in the world. In 2018, China’s IT market will reach US$234 billion, 20 times more than Russia. The fast-growing IT market will place higher demands on data processing and storage, and we will provide Russian solutions to Chinese partners in this regard.

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