August 2, 2019

The reason of more and more people use PV system

Why are more and more people starting to install photovoltaic systems?

1.Not installed photovoltaic is environmentally friendly Environmental protection is now recognized and hard-working, because photovoltaic systems are clean energy and in line with the concept of green living, so many homeowners will agree to install photovoltaic power plants. The quality of life in cities is generally high, and the perception and acceptance of new things will be higher. steel c profile manufacturer

With the upgrading of consumption and the promotion of environmental protection concepts, urban residents have become the first practitioners of green lifestyles. For example, shared bicycles, paperless offices and cashless spending start in the city.

The reason of more and more people use PV system

2.factory: save money + energy saving + make money photovoltaic system power generation is the first choice for high energy-consuming enterprises. High power consumption and high electricity prices are ideal for installing photovoltaic power. There are obvious advantages: using idle roofs, etc., revitalizing fixed assets and increasing corporate profits; saving the company’s peak electricity bills (more peak power during the day), and the remaining electricity can be sold online; reducing the internal temperature of the plant, improving work comfort and summer cooling costs.

3. Extra income I have a little money in my hand, my house has built a house.

Why not install a photovoltaic system in my hometown? Old people at home don’t have to worry about electricity bills. They can also be remotely monitored via the app. Second, they can have a steady income.

Photovoltaic power generation system can better achieve the government’s energy conservation and emission reduction targets. It is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, and the advantages of using a building roof are safe, reliable, noise-free and pollution-free. It uses the most recent user-side access and does not require long-distance transmission to avoid loss of long-distance transmission lines.

The construction period of the solar power generation system is short, the time required to obtain energy is short and convenient, and the solar cell array can be arbitrarily increased or decreased according to the increase or decrease of the load to avoid waste. Better investment returns can last for at least 25 years. It is an ideal fuel-free clean energy source with low operating costs and low pollution during power generation.

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