December 24, 2018

The Security of Cyberspace in the US (II)

Network information security is no longer a laboratory technology. At the beginning of this century, it entered an era based on the large industrial system and driven by enterprise innovation. It can be said that without the industry, there is no technology and products, and without the basic elements of the enterprise, it is impossible to talk about the existence of the industry. The economic community has fully realized that SMEs are the core driving force for innovation and social development. In the field of information technology, we still expect to change directly through large-scale national investment or a certain application of gambling technology. The current passive situation. The strength of the US information security industry provides a model for us to correctly understand the relationship between information and cybersecurity. Some domestic voices believe that relying on the localization of information systems and the enhancement of certain security features of information systems, all security risks, threats and drawbacks can be abandoned once and for all, without the need for protection of security products.

In fact, Click Here For More. we have seen that the United States, which has the highest “localization” rate and the best core technology self-sufficiency, is also facing a wide range of security threats and has the most developed information security industry. This shows that strong independent informationization and strong independent network security are mutually guaranteed, complement each other and cannot be replaced by each other. The hierarchical structure, value orientation, and operational rules of the US information security industry are obviously worthy of our analysis, research, and reference. Adequate domestic demand is the basis for the development of the US information security industry. American users enjoy the most advanced technological achievements in the development of the information age, and at the same time deeply feel the security threats, thus recognizing that information security products and services are an independent market category. This level cannot be replaced by the security capabilities built into the information system itself. This kind of understanding has contributed to the long-term high proportion of information security product procurement in the informationization budget, which has created a sufficient income for US security companies.

Clear market norms, mature understanding of commercial civilization and contractual spirit, and rational political and business relationship design have all become favorable safeguards for the US information security industry. Therefore, “encouraging the development of small and medium-sized security enterprises to innovate and curbing the harm of monopoly on innovation” has become a social consensus. In the big country competition, it is not necessary for the runner to follow the leader, but it is necessary to analyze the leading trajectory of the leader. There are first-mover advantages and geo-features that cannot be imitated in this trajectory, as well as accidental patronage of historical latitude and longitude; but there will also be an inevitable law of clear cause and effect. Recognizing this is crucial for the path choices with runners. The security of cyberspace is so important, every country should give high emphasis.

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