December 25, 2018

The Things You don’t Know about Sports (II)

Training method

Sports Pyramid, at the top of the Sports Pyramid, is a weekly strength training. Strength training can make people’s bones hard, strong muscles, and speed up metabolism. Strong muscles also help to burn more calories, which is also very beneficial for weight loss. In fact, this exercise will not only reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and hypertension, but also other diseases such as diabetes and colon cancer. Some diseases play a very good preventive role. This kind of exercise can be done in one operation or in a dispersed manner.

The movement in life. Number of times: several times a day. Time: More than 30 minutes per day. Strength: Moderate. Such activities mainly include walking, climbing stairs, cycling to work, gardening activities, housework, shopping, etc. The best of them is walking, cycling and gardening. If you don’t have the opportunity to do gardening, you can walk and ride more. It is best to stick to it for more than 30 minutes each time. In housework, cleaning the window, mopping the floor, and washing clothes can all have a good exercise effect.Click Here For More.

Aerobics and leisure sports. Number of times: 3-5 times a week. Time: More than 20 minutes each time. Strength: medium to high. Aerobics include jogging, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, aerobic dance, aerobics, etc. Leisure sports include tennis, basketball, golf and other ball games. This kind of exercise can exercise heart and lung function, and leisure sports can also cultivate sentiment. People who are heavier may prefer swimming to reduce joint weight.

“Life is in motion,” it can shape our strong body and enhance our ability to fight disease. However, for the human body, exercise also has limits. Once this limit is exceeded, it may be beneficial to people, but it will be harmful. Some people can’t exercise vigorously. For example, they have just finished major surgery, severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, just working a day, poor health, malnutrition and so on. For the average person, too little or too much exercise is harmful. Some people listened to experts and said: “There must be 10,000 steps a day.” As a result, I was hospitalized after 3 months because of excessive exercise and water on the knee.

Each body is different, and it is necessary to determine the amount of exercise according to the physical condition of the time. The sports is a personalized and scientific movement. Strictly speaking, exercise is just like a diet, it is a personalized science. Researchers believe that if people can regularly carry out regular and moderate exercise, they can make the hippocampus in the brain grow more cells, making people’s thinking, feelings and reactions more sensitive, and thus making people become more and more intelligent. However, short-term high-intensity exercise reduces cerebral cortical activity, and long-term high-intensity exercise reduces the excitability of a wide range of brain tissue. In excessive exercise, because the human body consumes a lot of energy, in order to prevent further energy consumption, the function is inhibited. At this time, people will feel extreme fatigue, weakness, and slow brain reaction.

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