November 20, 2018

The Typical French Meals(I)

French cuisine is cooked in many ways, including almost all of the 20 cooking methods of Western cuisine. Commonly used roast, fried, braised, braised, steamed, etc.

As people’s requirements for dishes continue to change, the taste, color and flavor of French cuisine are constantly evolving. The taste of French cuisine is lighter, the color is primary color, and no unnecessary decoration is used. They pursue elegant style. Soup dishes are especially original, without the auxiliary materials that are detrimental to color, taste and nutrition. Taking ordinary vegetable sauce soup as an example, it is required to smash all the vegetables and cook together with the soup, so that the original taste of the soup can be pure and the concentration of the soup can be increased. What is especially striking is that French cuisine values the production of sauces, fresh ingredients and delicious sauce.

For the most part, there is no ”typical” French meal. Although people often use the broad label ”French cuisine” to describe French food, most French dishes are region-based and thus vary depending on where you are located. The main exception is breakfast foods. For breakfast, the French often eat tartine: a slice of bread, usually a baguette, smothered with a fruity jam. This is sometimes accompanied by yogurt and a croissant, and almost always accompanied by coffee, hot chocolate or orange juice. On weekends, it’s common to pick up freshly-made viennoiserie from the bakery: croissants, pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants), pain aux raisins and more.

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