November 15, 2018

The Unpopular but Interesting Tourist Attractions(III)


Cambodia, which has beautiful scenery and rich in cultural heritage, has always been a destination in many travellers’ travel lists. Especially for the student party and the newcomers with a small budget, because there is extremely cost-effective, and is the first choice for outbound travel. If you go to Cambodia during the holiday, it is not recommended to go to Angkor Wat, you can go to Sihanoukville, there is a forgotten island on the southwest coast of Cambodia.

Sihanoukville, is located on the southwestern coastline of Cambodia and is named after Prince Sihanouk. It is the largest seaport in Cambodia, the second largest city in Cambodia outside the capital, Phnom Penh. It is currently the only special economic zone in Cambodia, and its status is similar to Shenzhen of China. Sihanoukville was built in 1950 to encourage investment and was established as a tax-free port in 1998. In recent years, with the development of the local economy, its unique natural landscape has been recognized by the outside world. The forerunners of European, American and Chinese backpackers have been rushing here, and are deeply attracted by the beaches and waves here. Up to today, there are four main beaches have not be developed highly and keep the natural appearance, they are SokhaBeach, OchheutealBeach, IndependenceBeach and VictoryBeach. Every year, a certain number of tourists come here to enjoy the sunny beach and experience a peaceful leisure time. Due to the close relationship between China and Cambodia, Chinese tourists are very like here, accounting for about 60% of the total number of visitors.

As an emerging island tourism hotspot, its scenery and beaches are no less than Maldives and Palau, but because of its low consumption, it has gradually become the first choice for many leisure vacationers.

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