October 15, 2018

The World Must-see Places(I)

New Orleans

This unique American city is 300 years old this year.

There are no other cities like New Orleans in the world. The influence from Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Aboriginal people has turned New Orleans into a melting pot. This diversity is reflected in many aspects, such as music, diet, language, etc., and shaping an image of New Orleans in American imagination. It’s been a long process to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, but New Orleans has not only stood up again, but is still as vibrant as it used to be, especially for a 300-year-old city. .

To commemorate the 300th anniversary, many events will be held throughout the year. Other planned developments include the $6 million Bourbon Street renovation, the expansion of the tram service, the built of Midtown Lafitte Greenway (including a new outdoor bar), and the Sazerac House, which was built in early 2019. A series of hotels opened, as well as the city’s excellent and diverse restaurants and bars (Latitude 29, Portside Lounge) for those who  tempting to find delicious tourists across the United States.


The war is finally over and the entire country is open. After more than half a century of civil war, Colombia is eager to become a hot spot that is both adventurous and international, and it should be. Although a lot of work is still needed to do for insurgents reenter into society, the number of foreign tourists has increased by 250% in the past decade. In the vibrant capital of Bogota, dozens of luxury hotel chains have opened, and the restaurant industry is also revitalized, with places such as Leonor Espinosa restaurant. Elsewhere, you’ll find luxury hotels transformed from coffee, eco-resorts on the desert peninsula, and some buildings that have been transformed into spas. Attractions that were once inaccessible to outsiders, such as the rainforests of the Pacific Coast and the Caño Cristales, have appeared on every travel guide.


A protection agreement signed by Tompkins Conservation and the Chilean government has officially launched the Chilean park line this year. According to the agreement, the two sides donated a total area of 11 million acres of Patagonia, protected as five new national parks and three expanded national parks. The 1,500-mile tourist line connects 17 national parks from the Lake District to the Beagle Channel, through the virgin forests of Patagonia, snow-capped Volcanoes and natural coastline.

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