September 17, 2018

Tourist Destinations in America- Golden gate bridge and Pike Place Market

  1. Golden gate bridge

The golden gate bridge, it is one of the world famous bridges on the Golden Gate Strait in San Francisco, California, USA. It is also a miracle of modern bridge engineering.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is the city’s landmark city on the Pacific Ocean and the most famous landmark in the United States. Most visitors will not miss the opportunity to take photos here. But I have the opportunity to hike on the bridge, and enjoy the magic of the essence of human wisdom and the natural environment during walking. It takes 2-3 hours to walk over the bridge. There is enough time for you to get in touch with the steel cables and pylons that make up the beautiful scenery lines of the bridge. Through the sea fog, you can overlook the San Francisco, the most beautiful city in the United States. Ten meters away, there is a San Francisco Bay that swallows the tides of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, if you like, you can also rent a bicycle in the urban. It is also a great way to know the Golden Gate Bridge.

  1. Pike Place Market

A famous cultural and tourist attraction in Seattle, Washington, USA. There is the birthplace of the global Starbucks brand.

Seattle is not just a city that you can’t sleep at night, it can also make you excited during the day. You can understand what I mean by going to the Pike Place Market. The Pike Market was built on a steep hillside near the sea. When you entered the front door on the top of the hill, there are many bungalows. Going into the door, you can watch a variety of fresh vegetables and fish, colorful items and souvenir art, you can also eat a variety of seafood and a variety of flavors of snacks, after this floor, to the next floor you will feel the new discoveries. After a few hours, you came out from the back door and found that you had already walked the whole four floors. Don’t forget to look at the fish stall on the top floor. The guy in the orange-red rubber apron can throw up the half-length fresh fish and never drop it. This is an amazing work. And it is a famous scene in Seattle with various TVs and magazines.

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