September 20, 2018

Trading Business

The trade business includes the information consulting industry, the pharmacy industry, food service industry, logistics industry, etc, totally eight components.

The information consulting industry is an emerging industry. Until now, it has not been accurately defined, and the statistical department has not set clear standards for its statistical scope. It is generally believed that information consultation is a business activity based on the collection, processing, transmission, effective use and feedback of various information. The information consulting industry is a knowledge-based industry that collects, processes, organizes, analyzes, and transmits various types of information by using various technologies to provide customers suggestions or plans.

The pharmacy industry refers to distribute pharmaceutical products in medical institutions and independently calculates the benefits. For the needs of treatment and health care, the medical department purchases various drugs from drug manufacturers or wholesale pharmacies, and then sells them to patients and health care providers at retail prices to meet the needs of these consumers. Drugs are the basic needs of people for medical treatment or health care. The population of China is large, so the national demand for drugs is very strong. With the development of national health care, the pharmacy industry will develop quickly, and the prospects are very considerable.

The food service industry is a special trade industry that specializes in the processing of cooking food and provides customers with local consumption and local services. The development of the catering industry is of great significance to satisfy people’s basic needs of life, improve people’s living standards, and promote the development of tourism. We should implement the operating principle of ’facing the public, classifying and grading, carry forward traditional characteristics, adapt to various needs’ and establish a reasonable structure within the multi-level and multi-form catering industry to meet different areas, different levels, and different consumer demand.

Logistics is the physical manifestation of commodity circulation. The function of the logistics industry is the movement of commodity entities. The logistics function is completed through a series of business activities. Under normal circumstances, the function of trade logistics is realized through several business links such as commodity transportation, commodity storage, commodity packaging, commodity handling, and commodity distribution. With the deepening of the logistics system reform, the establishment of the logistics center and the logistics network system, it organizes the logistics facilities scattered in various industries and enterprises to form a synergy, thus greatly promoting the modernization process of commodity circulation.

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