November 29, 2018

Try to Establish a Complete Educational System (IV)

Fourthly, putting the construction of the teaching staff as a basic work

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the key to talent cultivation lies in teachers. The quality of the teaching team directly determines the ability and level of university education.

The key to cultivating top talent is to have a high-quality team of teachers. Teacher’s morality is the first criterion for evaluating the quality of the teaching staff. It is necessary to put teachers’ ideological and political qualities and professional ethics at the forefront, and attach great importance to treat the problems what existing in teachers’ morality and ethics, and seriously solve them. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the institutional system, clarify policy measures, and embody the basic requirements for the construction of teachers’ morality. To strengthen value leading, it is necessary to establish a scientific and standardized evaluation system, especially in the hiring of teachers, talent recommendation and daily assessment, establish a scientific talent evaluation mechanism, constantly stimulate the vitality of the team, and lead the construction of high-quality teachers.

Fifthly, deepening education and opening to the outside world

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to expand educational open-up and cooperate with world-class resources to carry out high-level cooperation in running schools.

Internationalization is an important way to improve the quality of personnel training. The creation of “double first-class” must be realized in international exchanges and competition. Actively learning and absorbing the advanced experience and superior resources of world-class universities is the only way to create a world-class university. Colleges and universities must adhere to the international development strategy, combine their own advantages and characteristics, and deepen exchanges and cooperation in cross-border education, cooperative research, foreign-related training, humanities exchanges and team building. It is necessary to pay attention to the training of all kinds of talents needed for the construction of the “Belt and Road”, actively cultivate and promote various talents for international organizations, and support teachers and students to develop talents, contribute and image on the world stage.

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