January 21, 2019

Various of Outdoor Sport(I)

The most of people like outdoor sport now. So what is outdoor sport? The most of people will not know it very well. According to its definition Outdoor Sport, as also called outdoor recreation, is a group of collective events held in natural venues. Including climbing, rock climbing, downhill ski, camping in the field, picnic, orienteering, streams, exploration and other projects, outdoor leisure sports are mostly exploratory, belonging to extreme and sub-extreme sports, with great challenges and excitement, embracing nature, challenging themselves.

Origin and Development about Outdoor Sport

The history of outdoor sports can be traced back to Europe in the 18th century.Click Here For More.

In fact, the early outdoor sports were a means of survival. The activities of collecting medicine, hunting, war and so on were all activities that human beings were forced to carry out in order to survive or develop. During World War II, British Special Forces began to use natural barriers and rope nets for obstacle training. Its purpose was to improve the field combat ability and team cooperation ability. This was the first time that human beings systematically applied outdoor activities purposefully to practice.

There were many shipwrecks in World War II. Later, the statistics showed that the age group of people who could escape from the shipwreck was the most in the range of 28 years old – 38 years old. The experts found that most of the people in this age group were mature, had various life experiences and had good team spirit. It was precisely these factors that could help them escape from the shipwreck.Click Here For More.

Main types

Rock Climbing

It is an exciting and challenging activity to divide rock climbing into natural site climbing and artificial site climbing.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing, developed from rock climbing, is a compulsory subject of mountain climbing and snow mountain climbing, and one of the basic skills of mountain climbing. Climbing ice is mainly divided into natural ice, ice waterfall and ice hanging. Ice climbing is a sport with the aid of equipment and equipment, which requires high quality and durability of equipment.

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