March 20, 2019

You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Eat These Food

Chocolate, candied and other desserts

These foods are too high in sugar and are prone to obesity. check here For those who are already obese, these foods with too much sugar must be strictly controlled.

Nuts and jelly, glutinous rice balls, rice cakes, etc.

As mentioned in the article, such foods are likely to cause the baby to risk the throat. Baby under 3 years old should not eat whole nuts. For babies over one year old, parents can crush and add to the baby. Jelly these flexible foods, do not let the baby under 3 years old eat at will. In addition, remember must not tease your baby when eating, one can help the baby to develop good eating habits, on the other hand can also reduce the risk of the baby being choked.check here

Fried, puffed food

These foods not only cause the baby to become obese, but also affect the baby’s appetite. If eat too much of these foods, your baby’s meal will naturally drop, and the truly influential food will not be replenished, which may eventually lead to “puffiness.”

Carbonated drinks

About carbonated drinks, it has an effect on your baby’s teeth and growth. Some parents said that the truth is of course understood, but many adults also like to drink, parents are very worried about if not letting the baby contact these is not very likely. I once watched a show. check here An actress said that the two children in her family did not give them carbonated drinks and only boiled water. Now that they are a little older, they have tasted these drinks but don’t feel good.


About candy, it is a special existence. Children like to eat sugar, and the family is also indispensable during the New Year. Don’t eat as much as possible,if the ones have developed the habit of eating sugar, parents must strictly limit the intake of baby sugar, after eating, pay attention to brushing.


In addition to sugar, honey may also be mixed with botulinum, plus the baby’s digestion and immune system is not perfect, so it is not recommended to eat honey and honey water for the baby within 1 year old. Baby over 1 year old should try to control the intake of honey.

Fruit juice

Because in the process of juice extraction, the nutrients contained in the original fruit are destroyed, only leaving a drink with a relatively high sugar content. The nutritional value of fruit juice is not high, and the sugar index is very high, which not only causes the baby to become obese, but also causes dental caries. The American Academy of Pediatrics has made it clear that babies under one year of age cannot add juice, and babies over the age of one should limit the amount of juice consumed.check here

The diet of the babies is so important for their bodies, parents should pay attention to the babies’ meals, hope all the babies can grow up happily.

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